Campaigning against the closure of Lloyds Bank West Dulwich

The West Dulwich Lloyds branch in Croxted Road is planning to close later this year.

The closure was announced without any consultation with local residents, businesses or Lloyds customers. The nearest Lloyds bank, in East Dulwich, has no direct public transport route and has very limited parking.

The proposed closure will have a profoundly negative impact for both local residents and businesses that rely on the availability of financial services. Local businesses in Croxted Road, Rosendale Road and Park Hall Road use the cash point facility for commercial operations.

Many local residents are elderly and less mobile and may not have access to the internet to undertake online banking. They rely on the Croxted Road Lloyds branch and have built up a close relationship with the staff.

We believe the proposed closure will have a negative impact in the area and call on Lloyds to keep the Croxted Road branch open.

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