Actions not words: Quietway 7 – Rosendale Road Consultation – What Consultation?

We have been listening to you throughout 2017 - and representing your views to Lambeth

In our doorstep discussions, you have told us Lambeth Council has failed you, with a flawed consultation process on the introduction of the Rosendale Road Quietway.

You told us that your Thurlow Park ward councillors have not listened to your concerns, and that despite your requests they have refused to call a Public Meeting,

You told us you believe the Labour councillors' proposals would reduce road safety, increase rat running and make local roads more dangerous for residents.

In July 2017 your Thurlow Park Conservative Action Team and Opposition Leader Cllr Tim Briggs formally 'called in' this decision by the Labour councillors, who then tried to pretend that they had called in their own decision. Promising to consult properly, the Labour councillors then delayed the scheme to prevent the decision being scrutinised in front of residents at a 'call in' committee.

Through our local survey 5 months on, you are telling us loud and clear that the Thurlow Park Labour councillors are still not listening.

You have told us that you want us to demand that they call a Public Meeting locally and listen to your views before they spend £800,000 of tax payers’ money on a scheme that will fundamentally change our area, and to hold the Thurlow Park Ward Labour councillors to account.

We are not opposed to Quietways, but the consultation has been terrible even by Labour-Lambeth standards. By Labour councillors not listening to residents and consulting properly, what residents actually want will NOT be reflected in the details of the final scheme - which will impact on all of us.

Unlike your Labour councillors, who prefer to grandstand about national issues than be effective locally, we believe that representing your views to the council beats being told what the Labour council has already decided.

So we will continue working for you on this and other matters, and in the meantime please contact us on the emails and numbers above/below if we can help you, or if you can help us.

We wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

Your Thurlow Park Conservative Action Team